About Us

One cold November morning,  an unexpected guest showed up at the headquarters of the Key Group in Fort Collins.   Gus Bergs and Jimmy Stewart,  partners of the Key Group,  sat across one another at a table,  engaged in what appeared to be a heated discussion.

The guest was Tim Rhey,  a lender in town that both Jimmy and Gus have worked with in the past.   Without warning,   Tim pulled out his iPhone 12 and secretly began to film their dramatic,  yet highly informative conversation.  

Tim knew in that moment that he watching TV gold.   Jimmy's energy was infectious and Gus... well Gus owned the camera with the presence of the Hollywood film elite.  

Season 1,  episode 1 was born this day.   With 10 episodes and a season in the books,   you can expect to see the dynamic duo filming live at business organizations throughout their beloved community.   

The Cast

The People of the Show

Jimmy Stewart

Keygroup Realtor

Gus Headshot1.JPG
Gus Bergs
Tim Rhey-1121.png
Tim Rhey

Executive Producer